Behind Closed Doors Episode #3: New Single + A Summer Of New Music!

⚠️ This post contains profanity! You’ve been warned.

What is going on synth fam? Well, actually with three listeners on Spotify and a few more followers on Bandcamp, who Am I kidding?

Anyway, you all count and I thank you for the support as always.

Before I begin my mini-rant, I want to give a big shoutout to all of you who supported me over the past year. Heck, since the beginning even though I’ve not come that far from the days of lockdown, still it’s all good fun.

Special thanks to J360Productions for featuring several of my tracks on his podcast which I recommend checking out. He does a lot to promote new music and upcoming artists, so go follow him on his channels.

As you know, as much as I would love to spend all my time making music, I do have a business to run over at Van Marciano Media. This is just a fun hobby, nothing more. However, I do have some ideas to turn this into a small profitable side hustle.

At Van Marciano Media, I provide a service and teach. I could do something very similar at Megaglitch, I’m still thinking about it.


Summer is upon us, and that means getting back into songwriting mode for a new Megaglich single, coming out in June or July, and a new EP later in the Autumn. I’m pumped!

Here’s the full low-down for what is coming to the Glitch Camp!

It’s been all too quiet since the release of my last musical offering. You might have noticed the website has had a bit of a redesign for this year, I found some inspiration from other similar artists online.


The website’s new look also means a slight change in course for the music, as far as the theme goes. I love making synth-based electronic music, but as a creator, I feel a little saturation is creeping in and it just feels that everyone is starting to sound, dare I say, the same.

There are a few producers who I admire that have a unique sound and style and I want to do the same for Megaglitch.

Or maybe I’ve been listening to the same artists and songs way too many times.

I experimented a lot with Dans Le Noir. I thought I wasn’t, but looking back and listening to the tracks in the car, it feels like it was an experiment.

I felt kind of rushed as well last summer, having to balance life, traveling, work, etc.

You know, the most popular track on the LP ended up being Neon Highway (Super Cruiser), which kind of opened up a small doorway into a sub-genre of synth-wave that I dig, I think. I’ll be taking that with me into the next EP.

So how did Dans Le Noir do?

Meh… you know.

I got a lot, and I mean… a lot of rejection with the tracks that I tried to submit to various playlists. It would seem that a lot of folks are just obsessed with vanity metrics and fucking around with the Spotify algorithm. Moreover, needing something ridiculous in return just for adding one track to a playlist.

I had a few folks who managed playlists I was keen on asking for absurd things like 1K dollars, and then asking me to listen to the playlist at least once a day, every day for the rest of my life.


I mean, that sounds so unnatural, doesn’t it? I’d happily listen once a week, but every day is a bit of a joke.

In all honesty, I never gave two shits about algorithms, if someone digs the music then let them decide whether they want to listen or add it to their favorites or something.


Other reasons for rejection: My tracks didn’t fit in, or didn’t sound like other synthwave tracks on the playlists I was aiming for, which I can understand if you’re trying to create a playlist for a specific sub-genre of synthwave!

I put Dans Le Noir as yet another experimental record. I enjoyed writing and recording the whole album I have to say. I’ll be honest, songs like the album title track Dans Le Noir, Neon Highway, and Angela’s Secret mean the world to me because of what I was going through and experiencing in life while I was composing those songs.

New Single: The Renegade II

My brand new single The Renegade II will be released on Bandcamp in June of this year (2024). Here’s a sneak peek of the cover art.

The track is sort of a sequel to The ‘original’ Renegade from the last album. It’s not a remix of the first track, it’s a completely new composition and I can’t wait to get it released. I will say it sets the pace, and dynamics for the next EP, for sure.

Merch store

The merch store is due for an update very soon. With the help of my kids, we’re designing a cool new Megaglitch t-shirt and some other merch to add to the store. Watch this space.


Lastly, I am offering web and logo design services for musicians. This is something I’ve recently added to my services page. Check it out in the menu. If you like the look of the Megaglitch website or any other synthwave music website you’ve seen and you’d like to have something similar, get in touch with me and we’ll bring your design ideas to life!

So it’s a wrap, that is all I have to share for now. I’ll update BandCamp shortly on the new single release. In the meantime, it’s back to writing and recording. See you all in the next update. Thanks again for the continued support.

Much love, Fabz