Behind Closed Doors Episode #2: The Making of ‘Dans Le Noir’

Welcome back to another Q&A interview with Fabz, a.k.a Megaglitch. I’m Samantha, his better half, and I’ll be shooting some questions to Fabz about his up-and-coming new LP ‘Dans Le Noir’ 🙂 It’s all just for a bit of fun so let’s goooooo!

So here we are with another roundup of questions about the new album, ‘Dans Le Noir’… I still can’t pronounce it to save my life, but it’s all very exciting. So let’s continue from the last interview. If you missed the first interview, check it out here.

SVM: So what have you been up to these past few weeks music-wise?

Fabz: Well it’s been quite a productive week despite being away for the past few days in London for some family time, as you know, haha. Work has been incredibly busy but I managed to complete two of the tracks on the LP, ‘Neon Highway’ and ‘Nanotron’.

I’m still very much learning new things with regard to creating new sounds of my own, so I have been spending some time doing that. I think that my favorite process of making music is creating new sounds and saving them for later. Or sometimes I’ll create something and think of a melody to use for it, it’s crazy but as I keep saying, I’m having a lot of fun.

SVM: So are you using anything specific instrument-wise? Where do you source your sounds from?

Fabz: Honestly, when I recorded Endless Echoes, most of the music was created using presets and samples with a lot of tweaking. I mean a lot. For ‘Dans Le Noir’, I’m using presets once again, as well as my own library of sounds and custom kicks, snares, etc. I’m having a lot of fun with it. Sometimes I can spend half a day tweaking a synth preset and then listening to it on a track to decide whether I like it or not.

I have a Roland Ju-06A sound module which I’m loving so so much. And you’ll be hearing plenty of sounds from this little synth on the new record.

I use mainly software synths because of the lack of space in my home studio and also, they’re much cheaper than a full-blown hardware synth. But I’m not biased at all, I would love to be able to add a few hardware synths to my collection someday 🙂

SVM: In the last interview, I asked about the album cover design. What was the inspiration behind it?

Fabz: So I took this picture on a family trip to the Eden Project which is located in Cornwall. There’s a sculpture called the Seed I do believe, and this weird sci-fi tunnel system surrounds it. I was taking a picture at the time and my son decided to run in front of the camera, as he often does to annoy me. The image turned out to be quite cool, so I ended up using it for the LP cover with a few additional tweaks.

Maybe someday he can listen to the album and think of that time when I’m long gone.

SVM: You are releasing a single today?

Fabz: Yep, today is the 9th of June and the album is available for pre-order. Woo hoo! At the same time, I’m releasing ‘Nanotron’ as the first single from the album. Here’s the cover art for the single. Cool, right?

SVM: You said this album was darker than Endless Echoes. So far the songs sound quite upbeat!

Fabz: Errr… yeah I think it’s dark in places. Especially on tracks like Nanotron, Corridors Of Fear, and Shadow Crawler. I suppose the others do sound quite upbeat.

SVM: Are there any songs with vocals?

Fabz: Not really, some dialogue, but that’s about it. I’m not a big fan of singing, to be honest. Mostly because I can’t sing for sh*t. But again, I’m not against having a few vocals on songs, and I’m hoping to be able to do some work with vocalists on future projects. Maybe album three?

SVM: What’s with the track ‘Angela’s Secret’? It’s completely different from anything on the album?

Fabz: Ah yes, well that’s a secret. Just kidding, no, I started working on this track whilst I was on the train back from London on my phone. I have this cool synth app, and if I think of a chord, I can whip that bad boy out and record it so I don’t forget it.

But as far as the song goes, there was a girl in my primary school called Angela back in good old 1984. I was living in South Devon at the time with my parents. We were secretly in love according to her, of course. I remember her so vividly. Blond hair, some faces you just never forget. I didn’t speak a word of English when I came to the UK in 84, but Angela taught me to read and write better than the teachers did. How about that?

I would love to meet her just to say thank you. But I have not seen her in almost 40 years, so there’s no chance haha.

SVM: Wow… have your tried Facebook?

Fabz: Oh hell no, she might be on there but there is little chance of me finding her. And that would be just weird it’s been too long.

SVM: OK, so what happens after the album gets released?

Fabz: I go back to work… lol. No seriously, I guess promoting the music more, merch, NFTs, cassettes and MiniDiscs, etc. I can’t wait.

SVM: Well that wraps up another Q&A interview with Fabz aka Megaglitch! Hope you enjoyed this one, go listen to the new track ‘Nanotron‘ now available, and pre-order his new album ‘Dans Le Noir’.

We’ll be back in a few weeks’ time with another round of questions for Fabz about his new LP. If you want to submit your own questions, use the contact form here.